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Four decades ago we made a promise to treat your emergency like our emergency. And today, we maintain our commitment to that promise.

Trust Florida’s Leading Fire Safety Experts

Veteran-owned CFC has always focused on delivering two things: the workmanship you need, and the customer service you want. 40 years later, we’re still meeting the needs of contractors, property owners and managers throughout Central and Southwest Florida.




At CFC, we proudly employ NICET certified technicians in fire alarm, sprinkler and security technologies. While our breadth and depth of expertise means we can meet the needs of our clients, our customer-focused approach guarantees we’ll exceed them, just as we’ve been doing since 1980. Our team is both prompt and deadline driven to get you up and running with all your life safety and security needs. CFC streamlines the process of installing and servicing those systems. From Fire Alarms to Sprinkler Systems, Electronic Security and Monitoring, installation, inspection or upgrade, with our full-service operation we have you covered from design to maintenance.

Fire Alarms

Structural fires cost billions of dollars in damage each year. Protect your property and its occupants by having CFC install, upgrade or service your fire alarm system. With CFC, you will get the professional dependability you can rely on.


For over 38 years, CFC has utilized the latest technologies to install or upgrade trouble-free, code-compliant fire alarm systems. Systems that include all the components of a fire detection or suppression system such as:

Control Panels | Pull Stations | Horn Strobes & Speakers | Smoke & Heat Detectors | Central Station Monitoring

Our in-house design experts will handle everything from code-compliant design to engineering and permits, and then certified CFC technicians will handle the installation.


Combine ever-changing building and fire codes with the limited life span of fire alarm systems, and inevitably you will need an upgrade. To make sure you have the safest code-compliant system, you will want to consider an upgrade if you experience any of the following conditions:

Complete Failure | Excessive Maintenance | Parts Difficult to Source | New or Upgraded Elevator Installation | System No Longer Meets Code | Space Renovations

Service and Inspections

National safety codes require periodic inspections for every life safety system. At CFC, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality service and maintenance in the industry with highly experienced, well-equipped technicians. Allow us to inspect and service your system and you will see the CFC difference.

Building Up to Code

A required level of fire safety and property protection is required by code for most buildings and varies according to type of use. CFC’s team of professionals can install a trouble-free and code-compliant system at minimum cost that will protect the lives of all occupants and keep your property safe from damage. That’s why for over three decades, we’ve specialized in upgrading older configurations that are no longer up to code, as well as installing new construction.

Sprinkler Installation, Modification and Service

CFC can design, permit and install fire sprinkler systems ranging from large installations to room modifications to build-outs. Moreover, our in-house engineering team will not only take it from concept to completion but we’ll make sure everything complies with constantly evolving codes and regulations. Our services include:

Wet Sprinkler Systems | Dry & Pre-Action Systems | Fire Pump & Jockey Pumps | FDC & Stand Pipes | Fire Hydrants

Fire Sprinkler Monitoring

Remote fire sprinkler monitoring by an approved UL monitoring service is required for most fire sprinkler systems. Why go somewhere else when CFC can provide the same service together with your contracted inspections? (suggest we put this down in the monitoring inspection and beef up the content to talk about fire sprinkler and fire alarm monitoring.)

Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Testing

Sprinkler systems that are not inspected regularly can fail in an emergency. Especially if issues like corrosion and degradation are not detected and corrected early. In addition, while regular fire sprinkler inspections are required by code, CFC takes things one-step further by offering plans that are both simple and stress-free.

From mobile and e-mail alerts that remind you of scheduled inspections, to digital or paper reports that are as prompt as they are detailed, all our contracted inspection and maintenance plans are not only easy on your anxiety, they’re easy on your life.

Annual & Quarterly Sprinkler Inspections | Fire Pump Tests | Annual Fire Hydrant Tests | Fire Line Backflow Inspections | NFPA Five-Year Internal Inspection

Fire departments now require a five-year inspection of all water-based sprinkler systems to help prevent conditions that can lead to pipe or sprinkler damage. To make sure your system works as well today as it did when it was installed, all CFC technicians have been trained to follow NFPA 25 guidelines to the letter.

Life Safety

CFC understands the importance of around the clock security, which is why we offer a wide variety of electronic security solutions that keep people and property safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let us be the first and last security call you ever have to make. No matter what your security needs are, with CFC you will get the peace of mind you want.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are the most common form of protection for commercial properties, and the range and options available with today’s technology make them more efficient than ever at protecting people and property. CFC is an authorized distributor and installer for some of the premier camera manufacturers in the world.

Access Control

These days, card, FOB, proximity and PIN readers can be installed to control any door, opening or process you can think of. However, they’re not always installed professionally, not to mention neatly. That is where CFC comes in. CFC technicians will deliver an immaculate, expert-level installation on an existing or self-contained network and we will do it in a way that will hold up to thousands of activations.

Specialty Systems

A wide range of customers requires a wide range of solutions. Here are some of our specialty solutions:

Intercoms | Phone Entry | Nurse Call | Panic Hardware/Silent Alarms | Intrusion Alarms | Anti-Ligature Systems

Burglar system technology has evolved to the point where wireless devices and control panels are commonplace. Nevertheless, no matter how much innovations advance, CFC stays ahead of the curve. By working together with you, our experienced designers and technicians will lay out a plan that combines worry-free reliability with trouble-free technology.

24/7 Protection for Your Property

While the monitoring of all fire safety systems in most commercial properties must adhere to the Florida Building Code and NFPA 72, the last thing you want in an emergency is a delayed response due to improper monitoring. Using the latest technology, CFC gives you affordable options that ensure you are ready for any emergency.

Wireless Monitoring

Gone are the days of landline monitoring systems. Most have gone wireless and it is easy to see why. CFC’s wireless monitoring solutions transmit emergency signals faster and more reliably. In addition, with lower costs to maintain, they make money-minded property owners very happy. 

Single System Monitoring That Saves

In many cases, security and fire alarm systems can be monitored together as one account. In addition, multiple panels can often be connected on a single communicator that can also act as one account. Moreover, if that was not efficient enough, all this consolidation can save you money. So, drop us a line and find out how to reduce your budget without reducing the quality of service.

Reliable Radio Coverage is Essential for First Responders During an Emergency

A reliable two way communication system is essential during an unforeseen crisis. While a clear, uninterrupted radio frequency can prevent injuries and save lives, metal and cement in building construction and windows designed for energy and environmental efficiency can block or reduce the signal strength in a building. This can cause first responders to lose contact with emergency personnel and other occupants inside a building. A BDA system can enhance the diminished frequencies and prevent a break in communication. A Signal Survey will assess whether your building will need a BDA system to assure clear communication during a critical situation.

Fire Extinguisher Services

CFC looks to provide a one-stop-shop approach for your fire extinguisher system – from start to finish. We offer new equipment and annual inspections to ensure the proper function of said equipment. If maintenance is required during one of these inspections, CFC will repair any damaged components as well as provide more complex services such as vessel recharging and hydrostatic testing. To ensure that all the equipment is deployed correctly in an emergency, CFC also offers training on using the equipment most effectively.   



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