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Installing a fire alarm alone is not enough to ensure the safety of the occupants of your building and your property should a fire occur. According to NFPA standards, a fire alarm must be monitored 24/7 to ensure that your property is protected even if you’re away during a fire event. With fire alarm monitoring, the control panel will register an emergency event and send a signal to the central monitoring station, where the first responders are notified immediately. Having your fire alarm monitored by a reliable company can mean the difference between losing your property and minimizing the damage.

Types of fire alarm monitoring systems

Conventional phone lines – These systems use copper lines to transmit communication signals to the alarm monitoring station. The main advantage of conventional phone lines is that they can operate during power outages.  Many fire alarm control panels use two traditional phone lines to meet older NFPA 72 standards. However, newer code editions require traditional phone lines to be phased out in favor of wireless communications.

Cellular communications – These systems use wireless digital transmission to transmit alarm signals to the alarm monitoring company. The advantage of cellular systems is that they are highly reliable and carry more data at greater speeds. Current codes allow cellular communicators to be the sole means of communication with the central station, allowing the property owner to eliminate the expense of costly additional phone lines.  

Radio communications – These systems require a radio transmitter and an external roof-mounted antenna to transmit alarm signals to the fire alarm monitoring company. Radio transmitters can work solely as the main communicator for a fire alarm system, or they can be used together with a conventional phone line system. Radio communication is a dependable form of monitoring that is free from constraints of major communication providers.     

    At CFC, we offer all three forms of fire alarm monitoring systems to suit your individual needs. Whether you have or need a conventional phone line, cellular communications, radio communications or multiple systems our team will install and monitor your preferred system.  At CFC we are highly conversant with the Florida Building Code and NFPA 72, so we can ensure your system is compliant with the required NFPA standards. 

    If there’s a fire at your premises, our alarm monitoring teams are aware of it the moment it happens 24/7, 365 days a year. Our team can often monitor multiple systems together as one account to help you save money.  We use the latest technology to offer the most efficient options possible so you can be ready for an emergency. 

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