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Fire sprinkler systems play a critical role in efficient, life-saving emergency responses to fires. Much like fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers are the most immediate and accessible means of containing and minimizing fires as emergency responders make their way to your property. That’s why fire sprinkler system preventive maintenance and care stands as one of the most vital investments one can make in their property. 

CFC’s team of expert technicians has decades of experience designing, installing, and maintaining fire sprinkler systems of all kinds. We offer fire sprinkler system maintenance services to commercial and residential properties regardless of the specific type of system. Below is important information for any property owner or maintenance professional tasked with managing a fire sprinkler system.

Our Fire Sprinkler Services

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)  is the organization that creates the standards and guidelines for fire sprinkler system maintenance. CFC stays up to date with all NFPA regulations, and the information included here reflects the NFPA 25: Standard for Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water Based Fire Protection Systems. 

Fire sprinkler system maintenance services are always tailored to the specific type of fire sprinkler system in place. However, there are some broad guidelines about maintenance intervals and scope that help determine the best maintenance plan for your property. For most systems, quarterly and annual maintenance is appropriate. Quarterly maintenance for these four system types consists of a flow test, alarm test, and using all valves to ensure they are in good working condition. 

Annual inspections for wet, dry, deluge, and preaction sprinkler systems entail inspecting and testing all control valves, sprinkler alarms, system coverage, and the condition of all system components (sprinkler heads, branch lines, cross mains, etc.). Additionally, a flow test and trip test should be performed. 

More detailed fire sprinkler system maintenance is required every five years. A five-year inspection for wet, dry, deluge, and preaction sprinkler systems includes an annual inspection as well as an internal inspection of the pipe network. Five-year system maintenance also includes checking all valves, hydrostatic tests, and replacing or resetting the system gauges. All strainers and filters must be cleaned and/or replaced for dry, deluge, and preaction systems. 

Beyond quarterly, annual, and five-year fire sprinkler maintenance plans, each type of sprinkler system demands more thorough maintenance at particular long-term intervals. Depending on the type of fire system you have in place, it might require additional maintenance at ten year, 20 year, and 50 year intervals. 

Our certified team here at CFC inspects and maintains all types of sprinkler systems at all intervals. We understand that your livelihood often depends on your property, so we strive to schedule and perform fire sprinkler maintenance at your convenience – when your life and livelihood are least disrupted.

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CFC has provided fire safety and security system design, maintenance, and installation to our beloved Florida community since 1980. We serve all property types in the Tampa Bay and greater Florida area. We are a veteran-owned company grounded in an unwavering commitment to treat your emergency as our emergency. So much of that mission is grounded in preventive maintenance and care. Our team of experts works around the clock to keep you and your property safe and prepared in the event of an emergency situation. 

If your fire sprinkler system needs attention, reach out to our team via email, [email protected], or phone,  727-530-4521 and (800) 741-6507. 

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