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Fire sprinkler systems are a vital part of fire safety. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 13), well-maintained fire sprinklers can help to protect property and save lives in the event of a fire outbreak. Working fire sprinkler systems are highly reliable and responsive, reacting quickly to reduce flames, heat and smoke produced in a fire. As soon as the sensor picks up heat from a flame, sprinkler heads will be released to activate the system and put out or help control the spread of the fire. 

For a fire sprinkler system to work effectively, it must be properly installed and maintained to code requirements.  If you are requiring the installation of a fire sprinkler system in your property or an upgrade, retrofit or service of your existing system, you can trust CFC to the task.

Types of installations

Large installations – You can trust our experienced estimators and designers to take your project from concept to completion, and ensure your installation complies with all necessary building codes and regulations..  

Room modifications – Maybe you want to change the layout of your commercial space, or you want to make essential upgrades. Our team will modify your sprinkler system to meet your fire safety needs. 

Large build-outs (renovation or addition) – Perhaps you’re renovating your property to cater to your changing needs, or you simply want to add an addition.  CFC can complete your build-out on time and on budget so that your property remains protected.

Types of systems 

Wet Sprinkler Systems – These sprinkler systems contain water in fire sprinkler pipes. They are the most common fire protection application and are highly effective while relatively easy to maintain. 

Dry & Pre-Action Systems –These sprinklers use nitrogen or pressurized air in the pipes, and the water is held back by a valve until the system is activated. These sprinkler systems are ideal for applications such as server rooms and museums. 

Fire Pump & Jockey Pumps – Fire pumps are designed to move water through a fire sprinkler system while a jockey pump is a small device that is connected to a fire sprinkler system to maintain a certain pressure when the system is not in use. 

FDC and Standpipes – FDC’s are connections where the fire department can attach a fire hose and pump water into the building’s stand alone pipe system. 

Fire Hydrants – These are specialized high-pressure water pumps designed to enhance the water pressure to a sprinkler or hydrant system. 

Backflow Preventers – As the name suggests, these are devices that keep the water inside the sprinkler system, ensuring that it travels only in one direction.

    No matter your need, when it comes to fire protection the installation and regular maintenance of a fire sprinkler system should be your top priority. 

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