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CFC streamlines the process of installing and servicing fire sprinkler systems. With our full service operation, we have you covered from design to monitoring.


With offices in the Tampa Bay area and Fort Myers FL, serving all of Central and Southwest Florida.


➣ Sprinkler Installation
➣ System Modification
➣ Fire Sprinkler Service and Repair
➣ Fire Sprinkler Tests and Inspections
➣ Fire Sprinkler Monitoring

Sprinkler Installation, Modification and Service

CFC can design, permit and install all kinds of sprinkler systems from large installations to room modifications to large build-outs. And when it comes to new construction, our in-house engineering team will not only take it from concept to completion, we’ll also make sure everything complies with ever-changing codes and regulations. Our services include:

Wet Sprinkler Systems
Dry & Pre-Action Systems
Fire Pump & Jockey Pumps
FDC and Stand Pipes
Fire Hydrants
Backflow Preventers

Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Testing

Sprinkler systems that aren’t inspected regularly can fail in an emergency. Especially if issues like corrosion and degradation aren’t detected and corrected early. And while regular fire sprinkler inspections are required by code, CFC takes things one step further by offering plans that are both simple and stress-free.

From mobile and e-mail alerts that remind you of scheduled inspections, to digital or paper reports that are as prompt as they are detailed, all our contracted inspection and maintenance plans are not only easy on your anxiety, they’re easy on your life.

Annual and Quarterly Sprinkler Inspections
Fire Pump Tests
Annual Fire Hydrant Tests
Fire Line Backflow Inspections
Five-Year Sprinkler Obstruction Investigations
NFPA Five-Year Internal Inspection

Five-Year Inspections

Fire departments now require a five-year inspection of all water-based sprinkler systems to help prevent conditions that can lead to pipe or sprinkler damage. To make sure your system works as well today as it did when it was installed, all CFC technicians have been trained to follow NFPA 25 guidelines to the letter.

Fire Sprinkler Monitoring

Remote fire sprinkler monitoring by an approved UL monitoring service is required for most fire sprinkler systems. But why go somewhere else when CFC can provide the same service together with your contracted inspections? One point of contact, no point of hassle.

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