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A fire alarm is a vital element to your property. In order to ensure a fire alarm can operate properly, it must be tested and maintained on a regular basis by a certified technician. Without testing, issues can go unnoticed leading to component damage which can hamper a fire alarm system’s ability to perform its life saving purpose. Ensuring your fire alarm is tested and inspected regularly can save you a lot of money by preventing expensive repairs down the road.  Most notably though, The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and local fire departments require that fire alarm systems are regularly tested and inspected to ensure they are kept in working order.

How often should my fire alarm be inspected?

The NFPA creates guidelines regarding the inspection of fire alarms. Failure to comply with these guidelines can lead to heavy fines. The NFPA requires that every component of a fire alarm system from control panel and smoke detectors to LEDs to alarm signals be inspected regularly. 

Weekly visual inspection – Control panels, power supplies, LEDs, fuses, and trouble signals must be inspected at least once a week. 

Monthly/ semi-annual inspection – Batteries must be visually inspected once a month or semiannually. Initiating devices such as duct detectors, heat detectors, fire alarm boxes, and smoke detectors must be visually inspected semiannually.  Some types of occupancies require a full system test be performed semiannually.

Annual inspection – All components of a fire alarm system must be tested and inspected to ensure they are in working order.   

Types of tests and inspections

At CFC, we employ certified and experienced technicians to ensure high-quality inspections and compliance with national safety codes. We document everything we do using mobile software, and we strive to maintain the highest professional standards at all times. Capabilities include:

      • Annual and semi-annual fire alarm tests
      • Annual and quarterly sprinkler inspections
      • Biennial smoke detector sensitivity testing
      • Fire pump tests
      • Fire line backflow inspections
      • Annual fire hydrant tests
      • NFPA five-year internal inspection
      • Five-year sprinkler obstruction investigations

If you’re looking for a fire alarm inspection company you can trust to carry out the highest quality inspections, look no further than CFC. As a company that specializes in life safety systems, we are on top of national and local safety codes to ensure your fire alarm is compliant. Our certified technicians are also experienced in the installation, inspection and repair of fire alarm systems. Therefore, you can trust us to identify deficiencies correctly. Our technicians perform comprehensive inspections and document everything they do in writing using our mobile software, so you can count on us to provide you with professional reports.   

What makes us different?

At CFC, we set ourselves apart by employing skilled technicians who are NICET trained to guarantee a high level of service for our clients. We provide our team of skilled technicians with clean uniforms and all the equipment they need to provide fast service.  Our technicians provide not only fast and reliable service but also are knowledgeable with numerous brands and models of equipment. We also use mobile software to facilitate efficient ticket processing. As a company that values professional service, we have a modern fleet with GPS tracking, so we know the location of our technicians at all times.  

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