Finding The Solution That’s Right For You

A wide range of customers requires a wide range of solutions. But no matter what your security needs are, with CFC you’ll get the peace of mind you want.

West Florida Security Camera


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Electronic Access Control System in Clearwater

Surveillance Cameras

They’re the most common method of security. And with every advance – from networked cameras to intelligent applications to increasingly better image quality – comes even more possibilities. So, whether you’re thinking about property protection, people surveillance or process monitoring, let our experts bring those possibilities into focus.

Electronic Access Control System in Clearwater

Access Control

These days, card, FOB, proximity and PIN readers can be installed to control any door, opening or process you can think of. But they aren’t always installed professionally, not to mention neatly. That’s where we come in. CFC technicians will deliver an immaculate, expert-level installation on an existing or self-contained network and we’ll do it in a way that will hold up to thousands of activations.


Specialty Systems

A wide range of customers requires a wide range of solutions. Here are some of our specialty solutions:

  • Intercom
  • Phone Entry
  • Nurse Call
  • Panic Hardware/Silent Alarms
  • Lockdown Systems
  • Anti-Ligature Door Systems

Intruder Alarm System in Largo

Intrusion Alarms

Burglar system technology has evolved to the point where wireless devices and control panels are commonplace. But no matter how much innovations advance, CFC stays ahead of the curve. By working together with you, our experienced designers and technicians will lay out a plan that combines worry-free reliability with trouble-free technology.

North Tampa Building Security and Fire Alarm Monitoring System

Security Monitoring

Most commonly used for intrusion alarms, Security System Monitoring can also alert you to conditions like power loss, leaks, changes in temperature, even elevator malfunction. No matter which electronic system you have, CFC can provide the remote monitoring services you need, and the peace of mind you want.

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