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Fire events can lead to loss of property or even life. That’s why proper installation and maintenance of a fire alarm system is critical to providing a safe environment for your property.  Depending on the occupancy and size of your property, a fire alarm system may be required in order to detect and alert people within proximity of a fire so that evacuation can begin immediately.  

Since 1980, CFC has built a reputation for excellence in the design, installation, service and inspection of fire alarm systems.  Whether you want to install a new fire alarm, upgrade your existing alarm or repair a faulty component of your fire alarm system, our NICET certified technicians will provide professional installation, inspection and repair services.

 Our in-house design experts will handle everything from code-compliant design to engineering and permits, then certified CFC technicians will handle the installation.

Common causes for needing fire alarm service or repair: 

  • Repeat false alarms – A fire alarm that sounds when there’s no emergency can be disruptive to your daily business operations. 
  • Broken annunciator panels – With a faulty annunciator panel, the responders won’t be able to establish the approximate location of the source of a fire alarm.  
  • Improperly programmed control panels – This may occur for many reasons, but is often due to building layout changes which require the panels to be reprogrammed to properly adjust to those changes. 
  • Damage caused by power surges and lightning strikes- Because fire alarms are connected to external power and other devices, they are susceptible to electrical disturbances and induced currents from lightning strikes. These disturbances can cause damage to fire alarm systems. 
  • Device compatibility problems –Smoke detectors and control panels must be compatible for a fire alarm to work properly. Sometimes, compatibility problems may cause a fire alarm to stop working. 
  • Damage to devices – The fire alarm system may be damaged due to vandalism or accidents, prompting repair of issues such as missing detectors, disconnected systems, damaged call points and pull stations knocked off the wall.
  • Failure to operate properly – Fire alarms may fail to work as required due to issues like damaged circuits, improperly installed tie-ins, retrofits and device failures. 
  • Inspection deficiency repair – During an inspection, deficiencies such as dead batteries, dirty detectors or other code related issues may be identified.
  • Fire alarm control panel keeps beeping – This points to a problem with the components of a fire alarm system. If left unaddressed, it could prevent your alarm from going off during a fire outbreak. 

Why Choose CFC for fire alarm installation and service?

At CFC, we have a team of NICET certified technicians with unrivalled experience in fire alarm installation and service. You can trust us to install or repair your fire alarm system in a timely manner. Our uniformed technicians are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to complete installation, inspection and repair tasks right the first time. Drawing on over 38 years in fire alarm installation and service, we’ve mastered the art of professionalism and excellent customer service.  

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