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Navigating the various alarm components and deciding what is best to help protect your property from intrusion can be a challenge. Our team of experts will walk you through all system components and help you design an intrusion alarm system that works with your overall security infrastructure. Moreover, we can help integrate your existing systems with new security systems for better protection. 

CFC offers design, installation, monitoring and service of complete intrusion alarm systems to help you prevent all security breaches, such as unauthorized entry, theft and vandalism.

State of The Art Security Systems For Businesses

If you’re a business owner, making sure that your location is protected is one of your primary concerns. Our team will help you install advanced intrusion alarm systems and provide full-time 24/7 security monitoring. 

We offer the industries leading technologies with the  latest features used to secure businesses all over Florida.


Environmental Protection

In many cases, security goes far beyond protecting your property from theft or vandalism. Many facilities face threats such as low temperatures, floods, and other environmental threats. CFC can protect you from these threats with the installation of flood sensors, refrigeration sensors, sump pumps, heat detectors, and more.

Integration with Existing Systems

If you already have a security system in place, we can still work with that. We routinely add and expand existing systems to achieve the protection you need by seamlessly integrating an intrusion alarm system. 

Call us today, and we will help identify the best path forward to protect your property with an intrusion alarm system. 

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