CFC Fire Extinguisher Services

After many decades of providing exceptional service, Commercial Fire & Communication (CFC) is excited to expand its safety solutions to include fire extinguisher inspection, service and repair.

Fire extinguishers are a crucial component of any location’s safety plan, from a small home to an industrial complex, as it is one of the most efficient tools used to contain and control a fire in an emergency.

There are many types of extinguishers designed to combat different classes of fires. CFC can simplify all these complexities to find the best-tailored solution for your business or personal needs.


Fire Extinguisher Services

CFC looks to provide a one-stop-shop approach for your fire extinguisher system – from start to finish. We offer new equipment and annual inspections to ensure the proper function of said equipment. If maintenance is required during one of these inspections, CFC will repair any damaged components as well as provide more complex services such as vessel recharging and hydrostatic testing. To ensure that all the equipment is deployed correctly in an emergency, CFC also offers training on using the equipment most effectively.   

Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Maintenance

NFPA 10: Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers requires that fire extinguishers are inspected at least once a year by a licensed fire protection company.  Yearly inspections of fire extinguishers are a standard safety practice in the industry, and our maintenance services include:

  • Identifying the location of all of the extinguishers in the facility and ensuring they are visible and easily accessible during an emergency.
  • A quick check online to ensure the brand or model number has not been recalled for safety reasons.
  • Verifying the integrity of the extinguisher, looking for any visual or apparent damage such as corrosion, dents, or other forms of deterioration.
  • Examining the handle, pin, hose, and anti-tamper seal to look for any evidence of usage.
  • During an annual inspection, the pin and anti-tamper seal are removed and inspected to confirm that the pin can be removed easily and that the handle can move freely without discharging the extinguisher.
  • Confirming the extinguisher has the correct pressure and volume of extinguishing agent.
  • A highly trained technician will verify the label or the stamp on the physical bottle to ensure it’s the correct type of fire extinguisher for its usage. The technician will also verify the certification from one of the three nationally recognized labs – Underwriters Laboratory(UL), Factory Mutual Research (FM), or the US Coast Guard(USCG). 
  • Depending on the age of the extinguisher, a technician can also determine if any recharging or hydrostatic testing is needed.

Six Year Inspection and Maintenance

Fire codes also require six year maintenance inspections which are similar to the annual inspection but more in depth. The contents of the extinguisher are removed and a licensed professional disassembles, inspects and cleans all of the components and replaces any defects.  The extinguishers are then refilled and recharged. 

Fire Extinguisher Recharging

Different fire extinguishers will have to be discharged, disassembled, inspected, and tested. They are then reassembled and recharged. The two most common agents that need to undergo this procedure are dry chemicals and carbon dioxide. Dry chemical extinguishers need to be disassembled and recharged every six years.

Hydrostatic Test and Inspection

To determine the integrity of the fire extinguisher itself, it periodically undergoes a hydrostatic test which is the process of filling the vessel with water and pressurizing it – any changes in pressure would indicate a leak or faulty vessel. Carbon dioxide extinguishers need to be hydrostatically tested every five years. Dry chemical extinguishers will also need to undergo hydrostatic testing, but only every 12 years.  As part of a hydrostatic test, we will also perform the six year inspection and maintenance.

New Fire Extinguisher Sales

CFC can provide a wide range of fire extinguisher products and solutions to address any fire-related concerns.

Fire extinguisher Training

A fire extinguisher is only as helpful as the person who is operating it. Therefore, CFC provides training on adequately operating a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency using basic principles such as P.A.S.S.

  • Pull the pin – Removing the safety pin will allow the handle to move and eject the agent.
  • Aim low – Aiming at the base of the fire and not the flames.
  • Squeeze the handle – Allowing the fire suppressing agent to flow out the nozzle and, when aimed correctly, suppress the fire.
  • Sweeping the Nozzle Side to side – A sweeping motion will help put the fire out by blanketing the area with flame retardant.

Fire extinguishers are a cornerstone of every fire safety plan, regardless of a property’s size, location, and use. The CFC team is here to help you develop and implement critical fire safety measures for your business, starting with fire extinguisher services. Contact us today to upgrade the fire safety of your property.

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