Reliable Radio Coverage is Essential for First Responders During an Emergency

Over half of fire departments have reported communications failures during a crisis. Help ensure your building stays safe during an emergency through installation of a BDA system.

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About Bi-Directional Amplifiers

A reliable two way communication system is essential during an unforeseen crisis. While a clear, uninterrupted radio frequency can prevent injuries and save lives, metal and cement in building construction and windows designed for energy and environmental efficiency can block or reduce the signal strength in a building. This can cause first responders to lose contact with emergency personnel and other occupants inside a building. A BDA system can enhance the diminished frequencies and prevent a break in communication. A Signal Survey will assess whether your building will need a BDA system to assure clear communication during a critical situation. One of our approved, licensed professionals will measure and monitor the incoming and outgoing signals in all areas of the building to determine if a correction is necessary. If a building does not meet the minimal specifications, a BDA system is the only practical solution. At CFC, our expert team will insure that your building meets all the signal requirements for the optimal safety for your property and it’s occupants.

The BDA or Bi-directional Amplifier system is a part of the network that increases radio signals by the use of three components. A roof top antenna receives a signal, a signal booster or BOA that increases coverage in hidden or hard to reach places and a group of antennas (Distributed Antenna System or DAS) that are strategically placed throughout the building. Any high rise building that would require public radio coverage in an emergency situation could benefit from a BDA system. Hospitals, schools, hotels, sports arenas, office buildings are just a few examples.

In order to receive a clear, uninterrupted signal, each building with it’s sole floor plan and location requires an individually designed system. The placement of the antennas (DAS), the directional position and the design of the system are dependent on the building construction, it’s proximity and direct line to the frequency source and the building design. Our CFC experts understand the intricacies of the system to provide the best possible reception.

BDA systems, when required, should be designed and installed by experienced professional providers who understand the complexities of wireless specific systems and the individual designs needed for top performance in different buildings. At CFC, our professional team will attend to each stage, designing and installing the best system for your needs.

Stay in Compliance with Florida Codes

On January 1, 2022 all new and existing high rise buildings in Florida will be required to have minimum radio signal strength for public safety communication systems. Apartment buildings are to comply by January 1, 2025. All existing high rise buildings are required to have a radio frequency stream test survey by December 31, 2019. Those buildings that are not in compliance must apply for an appropriate permit for required communication installation by December 31, 2019. This 24 month window allows building owners to correct the problem and bring the properties into compliance. The Signal Survey will be given to a System Design Engineer who will determine if your building will require a BDA system and if needed, our design experts will work to insure that the communication inside your building has the best system design to protect your property and comply with building codes. Our experienced technicians will then install an FCC certified signal booster and specifically placed antennas.

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