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While the monitoring of all fire safety systems in most commercial properties must adhere to the Florida Building Code and NFPA 72, the last thing you want in an emergency is a delayed response due to improper monitoring. Using the latest technology, CFC gives you affordable options that ensure you are ready for any emergency.

With offices in the Tampa Bay area and Fort Myers FL, serving all of Central and Southwest Florida.


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Security Systems Monitoring

Wireless Monitoring

Gone are the days of landline monitoring systems. Most have gone wireless and it’s easy to see why. CFC’s wireless monitoring solutions transmit emergency signals faster and more reliably. Also, with lower costs to maintain, they make money-minded property owners very happy.

Mesh Radio Network Monitoring

When using a radio mesh network monitoring system, in the event of a fire or smoke incident, information is transmitted via radio waves that are bounced from all of the available mesh radio technology until the monitoring station receives the communication. This transmission happens almost instantaneously and is very efficient. In many cases, mesh network monitoring requires little time and resources for installation, which makes it the ideal technology for many use cases.     

The CFC Difference

While all station code requirements are the same, all customer service is not. We make an effort to quickly answer the phone and ensure the greatest accuracy of the dispatch signal. All of our technicians make an effort to provide the absolute best level of service when installing, programming, and testing these monitoring systems – CFC is committed to serving its clients.

CFC has partnered with EMERgency24, our remote station of over 20 years, to make sure our customers receive the highest quality monitoring available. Contact one of our experts to get started.

Single System Monitoring That Saves

In many cases, security and fire alarm systems can be monitored together as one account. Plus, multiple panels can often be connected on a single communicator that can also act as one account. And if that wasn’t efficient enough, all this consolidation can save you money. So, drop us a line and find out how to reduce your budget without reducing the quality of service.

We understand the importance of home and business security around the clock, which is why we offer an in-house solution, so we can monitor, maintain and install your fire alarms, sprinklers, and electronic security systems. Let us be your first and last safety solution. We offer top of the line customer service to ensure you feel safe at all times.

Have a question or concern? Feel free to give us a call at (727) 530-4521 or (800) 741-6507 or send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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