Product Spotlight: EST IO Panel

For over four decades, CFC Systems has been committed to keeping your property and its occupants safe through our innovative and dependable fire safety systems. Today, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on the EST IO panels, a part of the iO Series from Edwards Fire Safety. This range of intelligent life safety systems promises to deliver performance that was previously only available in much larger systems. With the iO Series, small to mid-size facilities can now benefit from high-end intelligent processing that’s both simple and highly effective.

Intelligent Life Safety Systems for Small to Mid-Size Facilities

The EST IO panels set the standard for small building life safety. It offers intelligent detection, electronic addressing, automatic device mapping, and optional Ethernet connectivity for remote diagnostics, central monitoring services, and digital applications. The iO Series is engineered to provide a seamless user experience tailored to the needs of small to mid-sized applications.

Customization and Retrofitting

What makes the iO Series stand out is its innovative programming that allows customization of powerful built-in features to suit the unique needs of different buildings. Moreover, all iO Series connections are made over standard wiring, making it particularly well-suited for retrofit applications. This means it can be seamlessly integrated into existing buildings, ensuring timelines and budgets are respected.

Remote Annunciators and Accessories

With the ability to install up to eight annunciators on a single system, the EST IO panels offer a range of compatible LED and LCD models that provide zone or point annunciation as well as common control capabilities. In addition, a complete line of intelligent detectors, modules, and related equipment works in tandem with the iO Series systems for reliable service and trouble-free operation.

ESTMobile Integration

Service providers equipped with ESTMobile on their mobile devices and desktops receive real-time alerts and have unprecedented remote access to iO panels. This empowers them to provide customers with proactive service, streamlined site visits, and reduced service interruptions.

Evolving With Your Facility

The EST IO panels are designed to evolve with your facility’s ever-changing needs. The incremental auto programming allows for system evolutions that keep pace with your building’s changing requirements. This is incredibly beneficial for ensuring that your system remains up-to-date and continues to provide the level of safety that you need.

Ultra-Low Current Draw

One of the notable features of the EST IO panels is their ultra-low current draw, thanks to productivity optimization. This allows the iO panels to support more appliances on a notification appliance circuit, which translates to lower installation and ownership costs. Additionally, this feature helps in streamlining maintenance appointments and reducing overall facility disruptions.

Trust CFC Systems for Your Life Safety Needs

At CFC Systems, we understand the importance of around-the-clock fire protection and life safety. With the inclusion of the EST IO panels in our offerings, we can offer you a trouble-free and code-compliant system that will protect the lives of all occupants and keep your property safe from damage. Our highly experienced, NICET certified technicians are dedicated to installing and servicing these systems with a customer-focused approach. Trust CFC Systems, Florida’s leading fire safety experts, for all your life safety and security needs.