Do Fire Extinguishers Expire?

At CFC, we are dedicated to ensuring that your property is equipped with the most reliable and efficient fire safety systems. We understand that fire extinguishers are an essential component of fire protection. But, do fire extinguishers expire? That’s the question we’ll address today, as we guide you through the importance of fire extinguisher maintenance.

The Lifespan of Fire Extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers don’t last forever. The lifespan of a fire extinguisher depends on various factors including its type, whether it’s disposable or rechargeable, maintenance, the date of manufacture, and manufacturer recommendations. For instance, according to NFPA standards, disposable fire extinguishers should be replaced every 12 years, while rechargeable fire extinguishers must be recharged every 6 years. Disposable extinguishers typically have a plastic head with a gauge that reads “full” or “empty”, whereas rechargeable extinguishers have a metal head with a gauge that reads “charge” or “recharge”.

Knowing When to Replace Your Fire Extinguisher

It’s essential to make sure your fire extinguishers are functional and well-maintained. Some extinguishers have a recommended replacement date set by the manufacturer. However, not all extinguishers have strict expiration dates, making it imperative to routinely check them. Here are some factors you should look out for:

Depressurization: Many extinguishers have pressure gauges. If your extinguisher’s gauge needle falls out of the green zone, it’s time to replace it. Depressurized fire extinguishers are inoperable.

Signs of Damage: If you see any signs of damage, loose pieces, rust, or corrosion on your extinguisher, it may not function properly and could need to be replaced.

Failed Hydrostatic Test: A fire extinguisher service provider can perform hydrostatic testing to measure the integrity of the cylinder. If your fire extinguisher fails this test, it must be replaced immediately​.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Maintaining your fire extinguishers through regular inspections, testing, and services according to NFPA and manufacturer recommendations can help extend their lifespan. At CFC, we understand the importance of regular maintenance to ensure that your fire extinguishers are always ready to protect your property and its occupants. Our NICET-certified technicians are skilled in fire alarm, sprinkler, and security technologies, ensuring that your fire safety systems are installed and maintained to the highest standards​3​.

The CFC Difference

With over four decades of experience, CFC remains committed to delivering workmanship and customer service that exceeds expectations. We are proud to be Florida’s leading fire safety experts and we continue to maintain our promise to treat your emergency as our emergency. Our team is prompt and deadline-driven to ensure that your fire safety and security needs are met efficiently. Moreover, CFC’s customer-focused approach guarantees that we will surpass your expectations. By streamlining the process of installing and servicing fire safety systems, we are your one-stop solution from design to maintenance

For more information on fire extinguisher maintenance and other fire safety services, contact CFC today and experience the professional dependability you can rely on. Our in-house design experts will handle everything from code-compliant design to engineering and permits, ensuring a seamless process that safeguards your property and its occupants.