Fire Safety Solutions for a Large-Scale Clubhouse in a Residential Community

Apr 28, 2021

Property Overview

The CFC team is thrilled to have designed and implemented fire safety solutions for a large-scale clubhouse in a residential community, a new construction project located in Tampa, Florida. The construction process for this high-end, multi-purpose building began in the spring of 2020, with its completion on track for early 2021.

The clubhouse plays an integral role within its residential community, serving as a restaurant, event space, pool house, fitness center, and social gathering space. Indeed, the single-story structure is expansive in its layout and functions. Among its many facilities are two kitchens, a dining area attached to a pre-function area, and a sports lounge. A central focus of ours throughout the project was the large social hall with five entry and exit doors, two dressing rooms, and a stage for entertaining. Other amenities that warranted careful consideration included a game room, arts and crafts space, massage room, and exercise studio.

The structure also housed many critical adjoining spaces that improved all amenities’ functions, including four mechanical rooms, two electric rooms, five restrooms, and two locker rooms. From a fire safety perspective, the clubhouse was built to meet or exceed current code requirements. Given that the building hosts such a wide variety of activities and large groups of people at a time, it was critical that the fire safety solution was individualized and tailored to the project from the outset.


CFC’s Services & Fire Safety Solutions

Commercial Fire and Communications worked directly with the General Contractor on this project from start to finish. We were contracted to install multiple systems throughout the clubhouse, and our team had a hand in every step of the fire safety solution from permitting, design, and installation processes. All of the systems that we installed were engineered by our in-house engineering team and permitted through Hillsborough County.

Additionally, we’re proud to say that our capable team met the client’s aggressive schedule through every phase of the project. CFC has prioritized every one of our clients’ specific time constraints since our start because we understand that people’s health, safety, and livelihoods depend on speedy fire safety technology implementation.

For this specific clubhouse project, we installed a wet sprinkler system that consisted of the main riser with a water flow and tamper switch as well as concealed and pendent mount heads, a spare headbox, spare heads, and a wrench. CFC also installed a complete fire alarm system, including both initiation and notification devices. The panel was fully addressable and, due to the occupancy load of the building, a voice evacuation system was required.

Lastly, our experts installed a commercial-grade security system that integrated multiple devices such as keypads, motion detectors, door contacts, glass breaks, and sirens. Like all other fire safety and security components on the project site, the security system was responsive to the clubhouse’s specific layout and function. Another facet of our holistic approach to building security in this location and context was installing a card access system that restricted access to the clubhouse and pool areas. The access system was networked to the guard shack located approximately ¼ mile away.

Our team provided monitoring services for both the fire alarm and security systems for this site. We installed and programmed cellular dialers capable of reporting to the central station in a contact ID format. Prior to the final inspection, the Commercial Fire and Communications team provided a complete bi-directional antenna (BDA) survey, which measured the signal strength throughout the building for first responders and ensured that all fire safety and security system components were in working order. This property presented an expansive and nuanced challenge for the CFC team, and our team of experts excelled at working at this scale and level.