Signs your fire alarm system is due for replacement

Installing a fire alarm system requires a significant investment in infrastructure, integrated wiring, pipes, sprinklers, monitors, sensors, and other equipment. Unfortunately, these systems do not last forever.

If you wait too long to replace your fire alarm system, you may find that the manufacturer has discontinued your model and their new system is incompatible with your existing system. For this reason, you should look for indicators that you may need an upgrade or replacement soon.

Here are six signs that your fire alarm system is ready for replacement:

Regulations and guidelines have changed

Over the years, the NFPA has issued new guidance to improve fire safety. Your old system may be unable to adapt to comply with regulatory changes. You should replace your system if you are unable to maintain compliance with modern requirements.

Maintenance of your old system is getting expensive

Over time, you may find it more challenging to source the system components necessary to maintain your system. When parts become scarce, they become more expensive. Eventually, the cost of maintaining your existing system will outweigh the costs of installing a new system.

Software upgrades are needed to keep pace with technology

As new technology is introduced, fire alarm systems have become more complex. Unfortunately, some older systems just can’t keep up. If software and firmware upgrades are available; however, your system is too old to run them, it is time to upgrade or replace your system.

Renovations to your building have changed your safety needs

Most structures change over time, whether it is additional square footage or a redesign of office or residential spaces. These changes can impact the effectiveness of your fire alarm system. If you feel that renovations may have compromised the efficiency of your system, you should replace it.

False alarms or missed alarms

False alarms are a sign that your system is not working correctly and should be cause for concern. Your fire alarm system should give you a sense of security; if it does not due to malfunctions, you should replace it.

Your system uses landlines instead of cellular monitoring

Old fire alarm systems relied on landlines to contact fire responders; however, landlines are becoming harder to maintain. By upgrading to the latest cellular monitoring technology, you can improve first response times when every second counts.

Ready to upgrade?

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