National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Five-Year Internal Inspection

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The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) requires several different types of inspections on water-based fire protection systems.  One of the most important but frequently overlooked is the NFPA five-year internal inspection. Valves, piping and other devices on the fire sprinkler system can become obstructed by foreign material or corroded over time. Any obstructions within the fire sprinkler system can prevent the sprinkler system from working properly in the event of a fire. As a leader in life safety, Commercial Fire & Communications (CFC) offers five-year internal inspections as required by adopted NFPA standards. Our experienced fire sprinkler technicians perform the inspection of piping and branch lines by opening a flushing connection at the end of one main and one branch line to check for the presence of foreign material; the interior of all check valves are also inspected.  Our technicians’ combined experience and training allows CFC to provide our customers with a thorough and accurate internal inspection that meets both national and state code requirements.

Remnants of a beer bottle that were flushed out of a fire sprinkler system during a five-year internal inspection. These debris could have prevented the sprinkler system from working properly during a life-threatening fire.

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