How to Upgrade Fire and Security Systems During 3G Sunset

As technologies evolve, so too must the systems that rely on those technologies. With the upcoming sunset of 3G wireless technologies, businesses that rely on 3G for life safety systems will need to upgrade to a new wireless network.

Timing of 3G Sunsetting

By the end of 2022, most of the major U.S. wireless service providers will shut down 3G service. With the introduction and popularity of newer generations (4G and 5G) wireless technology, the need for 3G has passed. When the 3G cellular infrastructure goes away, 3G devices that rely on that service will no longer work.

Here is the 2022 timetable for when the major carriers will sunset 3G:

  • AT&T: February
  • T-Mobile: July
  • T-Mobile (Sprint): January (for the CDMA network). (Also retiring all 4G LTE networks in June 2022)
  • Verizon: December

Why Sunset 3G?

3G was the third generation of wireless network technology. In the years since it was introduced in the early 2000s, carriers and consumers have adopted newer and faster technologies, including the fourth (4G) and fifth generations (5G).

The use of 3G networks has declined significantly as the faster networks have become more popular.

Carriers choose to shut down older networks to focus their product improvements on the newest technologies. By sunsetting 3G, carriers can free up spectrum capacity and infrastructure to support newer services like 5G.

What Does the 3G Sunsetting Mean?

After a carrier shuts down 3G, any devices using 3G will not work. The shutdown means mobile devices like smartphones and tablets relying on 3G will not operate. It also means that devices, like safety devices, that use 3G telematics hardware, will also no longer operate.

These services can mean a major safety risk and could result in a risk of regulatory noncompliance.

If your business has a fire alarm and/or security system that uses 3G technology, now is the time to upgrade. Upgrading to LTE is a process that should be done by a trained, experienced professional.

At CFC, we offer comprehensive property protection services, including fire protection, security and other life safety solutions. Our professional staff will replace your existing 3G communicator with a new LTE model.

The work to transition your safety systems can be completed quickly with minimal disruption to your business. Doing so will ensure that your systems continue to operate without interruption.

Once your technologies are upgraded to LTE, you’ll have the latest technologies in place and will know that you are protected and defended.

Our life safety solutions include fire alarm and fire sprinkler testing and inspections, as well as deficiency and general service repairs.  We also offer service solutions towards surveillance cameras, intrusion alarms, as well as access control systems.

To learn more about how CFC can ensure your system continuity during the 3G sunsetting, and our range of security and safety services, contact us today at (800) 741-6507.