Genesis LED Notification Devices

Standard fire alarm notification devices include powerful lights and a crisp, clear evacuation tone. Genesis LED notification devices include these essential standards, as well as additional innovations we will explore in this article.

Genesis Led Notification Devices Efficiency

A primary feature of these devices, as the name suggests, is that they are built with energy efficiency in mind. LED technology by itself uses less power when operational. Genesis LED notification devices have patented electronics and efficient optics that deliver focused lighting while using less energy.

These devices require a smaller wire gauge, which leads to lower power requirements. At the same time, this necessitates a lower number of power supplies. Therefore, these units deliver strong notification signals while reducing the costs of installation.

Installing Genesis Led Notification Devices

Genesis LED notification devices have extremely flexible installation capabilities. They come with legacy strobes making them backward compatible. These legacy strobes can be used on the same circuit and field view as Xenon strobes making the installation process less cumbersome. This allows installation to take place without changes in the circuits or wiring, reducing the installation price.

All Genesis LED systems have a mounting plate that can be used for pre-installing. They are also very convenient for detachment but also support other Genesis devices.

Ease of Upgrade

Fire notification systems have a limited life span, and the fire and building codes change. The Genesis LED notification devices are designed to be upgraded and replaced efficiently, saving the end user money. Additionally, any EST panel that is mounted with these units is compatible with all Genesis models allowing future upgrades to be completed with a simple switch.

Inspecting and Servicing Genesis LED Units

All safety systems need to be inspected over a certain period of time. When it comes to Genesis LED, both inspection and servicing are efficient. The front cover can be removed with a screwdriver, and the system can be inspected and analyzed thoroughly. Changes in candella, Db levels and other settings can be made without removing or dismantling the device.


CFC is proud to be a strategic partner of EST and a provider of Genesis notification devices. Overall, these devices offer excellent visibility, powerful sound, easy installation and efficiency making them a great choice for most buildings.