EST4 Platform

The EST4 is the premier life safety and emergency communications platform from EDWARDS.  The EST4 makes fire alarm, mass notification and building integration easy to implement and service, providing systems engineers with a powerful platform that is suited to both new and retrofit projects.

Emergency communications systems can often be complex. The EST4 platform simplifies emergency communication by offering an integrated platform with superior service capabilities and enhanced security features to defend against modern cyber security threats. The EST4 utilizes innovative technologies to keep property safe and people out of danger, which we’ll explore further in this article.

Built For New and Retrofit Projects

Function and form are inseparable elements of a good system design, which can be clearly seen in the thoughtfully-crafted interface of EST4. It provides users with the tools needed to complete high value projects, while respecting facility budgets and construction schedules. In addition to its future-forward design, the EST4 allows for backwards compatibility for EST3 retrofits, allowing for an economical transition to a new technology.

EST4 Ease of Use

This new network architecture was developed to make fire alarm, mass notification, and building integration simple. EST4’s innovative features include an on-board web server for independent access to status reports, built-in email and SMS messaging to notify key personnel, and an LCD touch screen with tactile buttons.

Advanced Security With EST4

In the face of today’s cyber security challenges, it’s important to ensure your emergency communications systems remain secure. The EST4 proxy firewall helps do just that by utilizing AES encryption and secure protocols that effectively insulate the internal fire network from external intranet or internet connections and the malware, ransomware, or attacks that may be raging beyond.

Implementing Economical Solutions With EST4

EST4 was built to offer simplified safety solutions with long-term economic benefits. Its design and capabilities are cost efficient. The network data, audio data, and telephone data all share a single twisted strand of fiber, which allows for up to 75% less cabling than standard models and substantial cost savings on material and labor. Additionally, the five-color LED indicators help to reduce replacement part inventory while maximizing use of the available infrastructure.


CFC is proud to be a strategic partner of EST and a provider of the EST4 emergency communications platform. Overall, this platform offers simplified, secure, and economical solutions to emergency communication challenges and is a great choice for most facilities.