EST3 to EST4 Migration

Edwards’ EST3 has been an industry leading fire alarm system for over 20 years; however, it is time to advance into the future. The EST3 platform will sunset at the end of the calendar year to make way for the most sophisticated and advanced fire alarm system available – the EST4. Upgrading your system sounds complicated; however, it does not have to be. Commercial Fire & Communications (CFC) is prepared to assist customers in upgrading their legacy EST3 systems to the new EST4 fire alarm control panel with minimal disruption.
An effective fire alarm system is critical towards providing adequate warning for occupants to evacuate a building. These systems allow emergency personnel to respond quickly to suppress fire and smoke from spreading and potentially causing additional damage. The EST4 offers the same precision and quality as its predecessor, along with many additional capabilities that provide peace of mind to customers and employees alike.

Introducing the New EST4 System

The EST3 control panel was a groundbreaking system introduced in 1996 that integrated a building’s fire alarm, security, and notification systems. While CFC and Edwards will continue to support your EST3, it is always wise to plan for the end of your system’s life cycle.

The EST4 system ensures compliance with the latest standards, with updates that improve user experience and functionality. Now let’s review the benefits of upgrading to the EST4.

Make the most of your investment

If you have already invested in the EST3 system, upgrading to EST4 helps you get the most out of your initial investment. While some elements of your system will require updates as part of the migration, such as network cards and LCD displays, you will be able to reuse many other components of your current system, such as your existing conductors (i.e wiring), panel back boxes, and power supplies.

Have less downtime and lower costs

Taking advantage of the latest in fire alarm technology should not require demolition of your inclusive system. Edwards has designed the EST4 to be backward compatible to ease the transition, limiting downtime, as well as expense.

Upgraded technology

Best of all, EST4 integrates the latest technological advances to ensure that your system is code compliant and responsive, with enhanced efficiency and survivability for all of your system’s components.
Upgrades are available to improve your system’s detectors, notification appliances, cybersecurity protection, and overall user experience. Since the new EST4 system is fully backward compatible, CFC technicians can upgrade parts and components to seamlessly transition your system from the legacy EST3 model to the new EST4.

  • Upgrading your Optica detectors ensures compliance with the latest standards and reduces nuisance alarms by differentiating between different types of fires. This capability allows for increased protection of occupants and property, as well as fewer nuisance alarms. This feature saves businesses time and money by mitigating the risk of nuisance alarms, which can be costly and disruptive to businesses and first responders..
  • Genesis upgrades integrate seamlessly with your existing Genesis devices, with LED strobes designed to comply with NFPA’s 20ms pulse requirements. With Genesis upgrades, you’ll get energy savings as well, as the new system operates at a 90% lower current draw at 28 mA.
  • Fireworks GUI upgrades integrate well with other systems, offering enhanced cybersecurity protection and an improved user experience.
  • The EST4 intelligent panel system features new network architecture, enhanced system survivability through advanced encryption, and safeguards to address modern cyber threats.

Overall, investing within the modernization of your fire alarm system will improve protection, while saving money.

CFC Fire Alarm System Products

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