Common Myths About Fire Sprinklers

Despite sprinkler systems’ long history of helping ward off life-threatening flames and protect property from damage, there are a handful of common misconceptions that still exist about them. It’s important to learn what’s fact from fiction about sprinkler systems and understand their essential role in fire safety. 

Common Fire Sprinkler Myths

X When a fire occurs, all of the sprinklers will be activated.
Only the sprinkler heads closest to the fire source will activate when heated, spraying water directly on the fire. In fact, most fires can be contained without all of the fire sprinkler heads being activated.

X Open flames from sources such as candles or cigars can trigger a fire sprinkler to activate.
√ Sprinkler systems are activated by heat rather than smoke, meaning that a sprinkler head will only activate when a room reaches roughly 135 – 165 degrees fahrenheit. 

X If you have smoke detectors you don’t need fire sprinkler systems installed.
√ While smoke detectors are an essential piece of fire safety equipment that should be installed in every building, they can only detect a fire. Fire sprinkler systems, however, can help to very quickly detect the fire and control it, which can save lives and property. 

X Water damage from fire sprinkler systems is much worse than fire damage.
√ Fire sprinkler systems release anywhere from 8-24 gallons of water each minute. Comparatively, the fire department’s hoses tend to release 50-125 gallons of water each minute. While water damage may occur, if no water is applied to the fire the property damage and loss may be irrevocable. 

X The fire department will be able to put out the fire and save my belongings.
√ In a fire, time is everything. On average, a fire department needs 9-12 minutes to respond to a fire. Each minute that goes by during a fire can cause exponentially more damage as flames grow and engulf the surroundings. Fire sprinkler systems can activate immediately, minimizing fire damage.

X Installing sprinkler systems is expensive.
√ The estimated cost of installing sprinkler systems into a property is roughly 1% of the total building cost and may be viewed as an asset by your insurance company, making you potentially eligible for discounts and insurance premiums. 

CFC’s Fire Sprinkler Installation Services

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