Commercial Fire & Communication completes BlazeMaster Installation Certification

As part of Commercial Fire & Communications training standards our fire sprinkler installation and service team recently completed BlazeMaster fire sprinkler training. The BlazeMaster fire sprinkler piping system is non-metallic and uses CPVC (Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride) piping instead of traditional metallic piping. The CPVC piping has many benefits over standard metallic piping such as high smoke and heat characteristics plus immunity to corrosion.

Fire sprinkler systems installed with CPVC piping are allowed for use in residential and some light commercial occupancies. CPVC piping has a reduced cost as compared to metallic piping systems which allows for more buildings to be protected from the threat of uncontrolled fire.

During BlazeMaster training our installation team learned critical information about CVPC piping during an in-depth presentation that included proper techniques for the installation, handling and care of the CVPC piping. Following the presentation team members participated in a hands on demonstration of the proper techniques for working with BlazeMaster’s CVPC fire sprinkler piping system. Team members learned how to cut and assemble the piping together under the manufacturer’s direct instruction. After completion of the training all participants received the BlazeMaster certification in CPVC fire sprinkler piping system installation and repair.

Fire sprinkler systems play a critical role by providing an automatic around the clock system that protects people and property from the devastating consequences of uncontrolled fire. By providing our fire sprinkler installation and service team with the proper knowledge and training we ensure that your CVPC fire sprinkler piping system is installed and maintained correctly so that it provides reliable fire protection.

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