CFC’s Fire Extinguisher Services

Preventive measures are critical when it comes to practicing fire safety. Excellent, life-saving emergency responses are grounded in the routine maintenance of all components of a fire safety system, including – but not limited to – fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, and fire and smoke alarms. The team here at CFC advocates for thorough, regular maintenance by both property owners and trained fire safety professionals, as recommended by local and federal codes.

In an emergency, fire extinguishers stand as one of the first and only readily available lines of defense. Even more importantly, they are highly effective in combating fires when maintained correctly and in good working condition. In a previous blog, we discussed what property owners can do to maintain their fire extinguishers and prepare for professional maintenance. Below, we dig into what professional fire extinguisher services entail and why they serve you and your property.


Our Fire Extinguisher Services

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) delineates the standards for fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance. There are also other state and local mandates put in place by fire districts that shape the guidelines for acceptable fire extinguishers. Remember that commercial properties often require more frequent maintenance; it is also much more critical for businesses and commercial properties to be aware of and follow all rules and regulations surrounding fire extinguisher maintenance.

There are two typical types of fire extinguisher maintenance services. The first is annual maintenance. CFC’s yearly fire extinguisher maintenance plans include checking that all external parts of the fire extinguisher are working correctly and not rusted. Then, our technicians confirm that the pressure and volume of the extinguishing agent are correct by weighing the tank and monitoring the pressure gauge. Finally, we ensure that the extinguisher is within the required hydrotest and internal maintenance intervals. We perform these tests on every fire extinguisher on the property.

The second type of fire extinguisher service is a required six-year inspection, which demands more time and attention. A licensed inspector must perform all six-year fire extinguisher maintenance. This type of service differs from annual fire extinguisher inspections mainly in that all stored pressured fire extinguishers are emptied. Often, a hydrostatic test is combined with six-year maintenance services depending on the specific testing requirements of particular extinguishers. Because these six-year inspections are required by code, they must be recorded with labels on the fire extinguishers as well as with detailed notes with the date and inspector’s name.

Our team of certified professionals is well-versed in NFPA guidelines and all kinds of fire extinguishers, including but not limited to Class D, Clean Agent, AFF, Clean Guard, ABC, Water, BC, Class K, Water Mist, C02, Halon, and Halotron. We stay abreast of all the latest changes to NFPA guidelines and fire extinguishers on the market to ensure that our maintenance is accurate, efficient, and trustworthy every time.

With all of our CFC fire extinguisher services, our team comes to your property to perform fire extinguisher maintenance. We understand the importance of fire safety and security systems, but we also realize that life is busy. That’s why we strive to accommodate our clients’ schedules and prioritize appointments that do not disrupt homes, businesses, and lives.


Work With Us

As a veteran-owned company serving our beloved Florida community since 1980, we treat our clients like family. Our team of experts ensures that fire extinguishers will perform in an emergency so that you and your property are prepared for anything. We serve properties of all kinds throughout Tampa Bay and its surrounding areas as well as southwest Florida. If your property is due for fire extinguisher maintenance, reach out to our team via email, [email protected], or phone,  727-530-4521 and (800) 741-6507.